Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Great Time in Paris

I spent most of last week in Paris with Joe, a guy I met through Sebastien. It was great having my own personal, American tour guide of Paris! Thanks Joe!

Stupid, Stupid Me

I just got done taking my french test. I will know tomorrow which of the A groups I will be in. Of course, A is the lowest group. I did my best on the test, but I really think I will not ever learn this stinking language. Oh well, I guess I will just be a typical American and just speak English the whole time I am here. Speaking of the U.S., could someone say hi to a bathroom for me. I really miss them. French bathrooms are horrid.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Greetings from France

Sorry this entry is so delayed, but the technology in this country is way behind. I have tons of pictures I would like to add, but I have no way of uploading them to the dinosaur of a computer in my office. Wireless is virtually non-existent in this country and it takes about a month to get internet. I do have some really great pictures to add, though.

So far, I am not impressed. This program is not run by very competent people. Everything I was told was incorrect, including my pay and my living conditions. I am teaching a crazy amount of classes and still do not know if I will get paid for this month. I am looking for an apartment, but I will have to pay the first 3 months rent in advance and have a cosigner. Fun stuff! Right now, I live in the dorms (which are right by the housing projects) with my students. I am starting to feel like a real moron for moving here in the first place!

However, Paris is beautiful and the weather has been great! The monuments and old buildings are amazing. I must also give credit to my friends Sebastien and Vincent. If it wasn't for them, I would have come home the second day. They have been fantastic!