Thursday, June 28, 2007

Two Posts in Two Weeks!

Recently I went to Lille, France for a weekend with a friend. This city has a really strange history because it has belonged to different countries throughout the years. Because of this, it has some really cool architecture. Although it is the fourth largest city in France, it still has a small-village feel to it and most of the people we encountered were relatively friendly and nice. We stayed for three days but I think we could have seen everything in two days.

This photo is from the Swimming pool museum. It houses a lot of textiles and statues as well as some great paintings. It was really nice and I discovered some artists I had never seen.

Overall, it was a nice weekend away from Paris; the weather was terrible for the majority of the trip but the food and beer we enjoyed made up for the constant drizzle.

I still have to post about my cousins' trip and our visit to Ireland, but I am super busy trying to finish the book I am editing and getting ready for Romania. By the way, if anyone wants a postcard from Romania, send me your address.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Busy, busy, busy, busy. I am not complaining because I like being busy, but I haven't had time to do anything I need to do-like apply for jobs-for a long time. However, I have gone to a few cool places recently. Located outside of Paris, The Chateau at Chantilly is beautiful and is one of the places a friend (Betsy) and I visited since my last post. Unfortunately, it is not the place where whipped cream was invented like I thought. However, it is a beautiful castle where a lot of famous people choose to get married.

As a matter of fact, we saw an awful lot of brides the day we went. Overall, it is a pretty cool place, although after seeing it once there is no need to see it again. After all, it is no Chateau of Versailles