Friday, January 13, 2006

Having too Much Vacation is Bad

Disclaimer: I have some “poor me” sentiments to get out of my system. I am not apologizing, it is my blog and I will whine if I want to. It is just warning so you don’t waste your time.

I have spent the last few days exploring Paris. Really, I was looking for an apartment, but that is never going to happen because I do not have an extra 1500 euros to spend. Yes, that’s right; a renter needs a 2 months caution, plus the first month’s rent, plus a parental guarantee. It is such a pity because I want to enjoy my time here, after all, I know this is a great opportunity, but circumstances just keep stonewalling me. I would so love to live in Paris, if only for 6 months, but no, it is not possible because I am not rich. It is a beautiful city and I can not enjoy it knowing I have to rush to get back to the ghetto every night. Sometimes the RER (the transportation connecting Cergy to Paris) is frightening. Fortunately enough, I have a friend, Seb, who lets me spend the night, but I hate intruding all of the time. It is just not fair! Instead of being grateful I am in a major European city, I just keep counting down the days until I get to go home. And I am tired of trying to have a positive attitude about it. Gandhi would have problems being positive about my piece of heaven in the dorms (I just can’t get over the fact that I am almost 27 and I live in a dormitory). Well, maybe not Gandhi, but everyone I know would have already thrown their arms up and gone home. I know this sounds like I am being a whiney baby, but God, can’t I get a freaking break in life?! Just once, can’t I be pleasantly surprised at my fantastic circumstances, instead of forcing myself to be positive? I kind of think I deserve it; I graduated high school early, went through boot camp, finished two completely worthless degrees, busted my rear to support myself all of these years, been a fairly decent friend-why can’t someone or something throw me that proverbial bone??? I am just utterly exhausted-this can’t be the best life has to offer. If it is, I quit.

Well, enough of the personal stuff. In order to perk up, I visited some of the stuff in Paris I have neglected seeing. I also did a lot of walking because reading a map in obviously not one of my strengths. One day I went to the Conciergerie, a prison during the French Revolution and also where Marie Antoinette was beheaded. It is on the Ile de la Cite, an island in Paris, with Notre Dame and Sainte Chapelle. Unfortunately, the Conciergerie was not as fascinating as I hoped it would be; the museum is not something I would recommend to people with a limited time in Paris. Plus, it was kind of pricey, 6.50 for a dungeon basically. Except for the historical significance, there is nothing really of note in this museum. They descriptions leave a lot to be desired and, unless you know a lot about the history of the French Revolution, you will be lost.

Next, I went to the Crypte Archeologique, also located on Ile de la Cite. It is under Notre Dame and houses some of the ancient artifacts developers have unearthed from the banks of the Seine. It was cool, but again, not something you would need to see if you have a limited time in Paris. My other friend, Seb, joined me and we had a lovely time imaging how much fun it would be to have a disco in the museum. And yes, we are very mature (he is a teacher as well).

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Sebastien Blache said...

gosh: i had to make a comment about your latest blog since i happen to be mentioned...
yes, i persist: the crypt should be turned into a disco now and then: the turnout - rather poor in general - would be skyrocketing...
and no: having too much vacation is...good!!!
am french, don't forget! :))