Saturday, June 03, 2006

Last London Post (for a while)

Among some of the other cool things in London was Buckingham Palace. Royalty has never really meant that much to me, partially because I am American, but also just because I think it is stupid. However, the fact that there is a palace in the middle of a huge, modern city and someone lives there and wears a crown...well, that is just a little fascinating, isn't it? Although, looking at the palace, I felt kind of sad for the people locked inside the huge gates, like animals in a zoo. All those years of inbreeding, for what? To have men in red and big fuzzy hats walk outside your front door all day while millions of gawking strangers take pictures of the facade of your house.

However, on the other side of town, there is the Tower of London and it is much more interesting. It's been around since William the conqueror and the history behind it is amazing! From the kidnapping to the executions, it was a happenin' place

The Beefeaters live in the Tower and "guard" it and are locked in every night. They have their own doctor and minister. After buying a ticket, you can follow one of the Beefeater's around as he gives you a guided tour and tells horrible tales of the most gruesome executions. Once the tour is over, you can visit the museum, Bloody tower, or the crown jewels. All in all, it is a pretty cool experience!


Lotus Reads said...

Oh, I remember our tour through the Tower of London so well - it truly is an experience! It is sobering to think of how many people perished in that tower and some of them for the most flimsy reasons!

Pam said...

It really is an experience...and your photos capture it so well! I've enjoyed remembering my London tours through your posts and photos...thanks!

Julie said...

You're right -- a castle in the middle of a modern city with someone who wears a crown is pretty fascinating. Bizarre, even.

Anonymous said...

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