Thursday, August 24, 2006

Vacation Pictures

Blogger won't let me post more than two or three photos at a time so I am going to make this entry a photo post.

The first picture is Rue Rompi Cuou, or Butt Buster Street (see previous post). The second picture is of the beach right on the strip. I never went to this beach; it was always very busy.

These last three pictures were all taken in Bormes Les Mimosas. The views from this old town are amazing. It is atop a cliff and you can see everything from it. The town itself is quite charming but caters to tourists, so it is just a little too nice. It was beautiful though and it reminded me a lot of Capri, Italy.


Diamond Lil said...

Love these pictures. Especially the green window frame. Very rustic.

Lotus Reads said...

Angela, your pictures are stunning, as always. Love the "Butt Cracker Road", what a cool monicker! :) I also love pictures of "doors" so the green door was one of my favorites!

Ola said...

Sandy beach and palm trees... just great! ahhhhh :0)))

starbender said...

Great Shots!
Looks like a good vacation so far!
I luv 2 see palm trees!

Expat Traveler said...

wow - so beautiful! Love your pics!