Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy New Year!

I wanted to post on New Year's day and tell everyone "Happy Year of the Golden Pig," but blogger was not working for me and this is the first chance I have had since then to sit down and write a post.

Since I already mentioned the Chinese New Year and have never really told a story backwards, I will start with Sunday and work my way back. I live in the Asian area of the gay/Jewish quarter. This means I have quick access to fantastic places to eat, nice clothes and loads of jewelry shops. It also means that my little area of Paris exploded with life Sunday. There were parades, confetti, a ton of fair food and balloons. I had seen lots of Chinese decorations for about a week, but failed to make the connection. Silly me! I just wish I had my camera battery charged. It was all very cool and exciting.

Saturday I went out with my friends for dinner at a nice Turkish place. We became captives of the owner of this restaurant and had to listen to all his tales of being Turkish/Kurdish and how he had given up drinking (all said over a very large quantity of alcohol). Before dinner we had a little "hair of the dog" hour and ended up with a bar tab of 60 something euros because we decided it would be a good idea to drink at Gare du Nord, one of the major train stations.

Friday (and the reason for the "hair of the dog" on Saturday) my friends had a party. While it was to celebrate a promotion, it was also a surprise, early birthday party for me (fantastic friends! They did the same thing last year). Anyway, I mixed my alcohol and ended up feeling very much like a college student on a Friday night.

There you have it; my weekend in review.


beenzzz said...

I bet it was exciting. I haven't tried Turkish cuisine before. I bet its just delicious. "Hair of the dog (that bit you)," is always a good thing! :)

carra said...

I only had the fortune of drinking Turkish coffee which is like neuclear bomb... I am very envious as I always wanted to see chinese celebrate chinese new year... Lovely post!

Diamond Lil said...

Love the backwards story telling. Happy year of the pig!

hellomelissa said...

it's times like this that i miss living in or near a city. what a cultural delight for you!

Lotus Reads said...

Ooooooooh, the Chinese New Year celebrations sound like so much fun! You are lucky to live in such a vibrant area! Yeah, wish those digital cameras didn't have to be recharged...I can't tell you how many photo opportunities I have missed on account of that!

When's your birthday? Do let us know!

Jay said...

I love when old men want to tell you their life's story. If there's alcohol involved, all the better.