Sunday, March 01, 2009


So here are some more pictures from Istanbul. I will never be able to post them all as I took about 350. It is impossible for me to choose my favorites because everything there was so great. I definitely have to go back.

A fisherman weaving a net. How cool is this? Just out in the street, in the middle of the day, weaving a fishing net.

Now, I know these children look harmless but a few minutes after I took this picture, they swarmed me. Death by children is not how I want to exit this world. Luckily they left after they realized they couldn't get my camera away from me.

Inside the Blue Mosque. If you have never read about this beautiful building, you really should. It has an amazing history and it is probably one of the most beautiful religious places I have ever visited. My friend and I were on a terribly misguided mission the first day to see this building. We walked round and round Istanbul following the mirages of other mosques and then we finally found this one. It was breath-taking!


Jennie said...

I'm going to Istanbul in June to visit a friend who teaches at Bigli University. I can't wait to take a bazillion photos of the architecture.

Angela in Europe said...

There is a picture around every corner!

Lotus Reads said...

Angela, I visited Istanbul in 2000 and it was one of our best holidays ever! I don't usually visit a place twice, but this is one city I really would love to go back to, heck, I wouldn't even mind spending a couple of years there some day!

These are great photos...hold on to the other 347 of them, maybe you can put them on a digital album online some day and we can enjoy them all!

Angela in Europe said...

Angelique, I have the photos in a web album. I look at them from time to time, but I want to post them here as well so I can tell the story about each of them.

And I would too, in a heartbeat.

Lotus Reads said...

Please do post them Angela, I can never get enough of Istanbul!