Monday, June 15, 2009

Something Cool

Annual American Festival in Jardin d'Acclimatation

Since I've lived in Paris, I've seen lots of really cool things, been to a lot of awesome museums, visited interesting buildings and have just thoroughly enjoyed the art of exploring and discovery. But the longer I live here, the more I realize that people hardly ever take the full advantage of their city, town or village. I know every time I mention some of my favorite places in Paris (Cimetière du Père-Lachaise, Les Egouts de Paris, Musée d'Orsay, etc.) I am completely shocked to find that a lot of French people haven't ever seen these places. I just can't imagine living in a place as interesting as Paris and not seeing everything. I am still disappointment in my lack of completing my original goal of visiting all the metro stops.

Anyway, my blog has never really been that interactive, but I would love to know something cool about your town, city, state, village or community. I realize that while I do know Paris rather well, I have no real grasp of the history of my hometown and that makes me a little sad. So go on, tell me something amazing about where you live.


starbender said...

There is sooo much to do in Cleveland, Ohio. You could spend a month, and still need more time. The Zoo is incredible, There is the 'Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame' to visit, Every Museum you can think of is here, downtown is full of beautiful old buildings, and you have to go inside of them to really see what I'm talking about. Most are marble, with alot of old wood. Just Beautiful! Then there are the beaches, believe it or not. I could go on, & on, & on, but I won't. I will spare you the rest. It truly would be a fantastic vacation if anyone is looking!

Mark Reynolds said...

Not answering your question directly, but I've noticed the same thing: I know far, far more about Strasbourg, where I've only lived three years, than I do about my two previous home cities, where I lived the previous thirty. When you grow up somewhere, the local culture and history are just always there, part of the scenery, like water to fish. In a new and foreign environment, it's exciting to explore, and once you start exploring, you get into the habit.

Angela in Europe said...

Thanks Starbender.
I agree with you Mark, but being from a relatively uninteresting place myself makes it hard to believe that people could live surrounded by 'scenery' without appreciating it. Who knows, maybe they actually do and just don't take advantage of it.

Zhu said...

Well, Nantes, where I grew up in France, isn't that famous for tourists for some reasons. Which is weird because it's a cool city to visit! My favorite place is the Isle of Nantes, the former shipyards, where several artists set up workshops. It even has a giant mechanical elephant (no kidding, search on my blog, you will see!) which is taken for a walk twice a day. And yes, kids and adults can ride it.

In Ottawa, there are a lot of cool spots. My favorite ones include the top of the Peace Tower (free!), the central building of the Parliament, from which the view is amazing.

I also like the giant spider, a creation of artist Louise Bourgeois (giant elephants, giant spiders... mmm... I see a pattern here!) and the banks of the Rideau Canal.

It's a shame that I don't know Paris that well... only the last couple of years I actually visited tourists places with my Canadian husband!

starbender said...

I am going to post some pics of the Rock & Roll hall of fame tomorrow--for you-- It is truly a beautiful work of art! So make sure you stop by!

buffalodick said...

1. Grand Rapids Michigan was the first city in America to fluoridate the drinking water.
2. We have a Calder Stabile 30ft. high that has become a symbol of the city.
3. Gerald Ford Presidental Museum
4. Meijer Gardens, a world class indoor/outdoor garden, with some famous statues throughout..
5. A Medical complex that will rival Mayo clinic in a few years..
Not bad for a city of 250,000, metro 400,000...

Angela in Europe said...

Thanks everyone for the great vacation ideas. I hope I get to visit some of these places.

Jules said...

Great post! I agree on your perspective on hometowns... it is sad, too, but I guess people get so caught up in work and everyday life (including probably budget restrictions) that checking out cool places around home takes second place to all their responsibilities. This certainly happens to me, someone who, ironically, loves to "see it all" when I'm on holiday in other cities/places.

You are originially from Detroit, no? My husband and I interviewed there and we had a great time, even though we were only visiting for a short while. Liked the architecture of the area we stayed (kind of old world/Euro) and the music scene at the restaurants.

Anyway, as for your question, obviously Las Vegas has the Strip and downtown as the tourist meccas, but I really like getting out to the naturey places or stopping at the locals casinos in the neighborhoods for good food deals. I think many people who visit don't realize there is life beyond Las Vegas Boulevard.

Totally off topic... I didn't know you were a Pisces sheep... me, too!! Hehe, no wonder I love your blog.

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

Angela in Europe said...

Jules-There are so few of us out there...Pisces must stick together. Must be the reason we love each others' blogs.
FYI- I am from Arkansas.

Susan said...

What can I say about Fayetteville, Arkansas?? I could talk all day about all of its facets----I've lived in this university town since 1959.
The phrase I heard long ago still seems to apply: "People may move away, but they always come back (to Fayetteville)."
Angela, I'm one of the luckiest people you know in many,many ways, and you're welcome to visit your second cousin (me) anytime you come back to the states!