Monday, September 21, 2009

Je suis une 'Country' Fille au Cœur

Fountain at Jardin du Luxembourg-I guess the guy is monitoring the fish-Ain't it purty?

So this reentré has been very difficult. I don't really know why except for the fact that I had an awesome vacation in the States. And now I acutely miss it and all the great and horrible things that make it the "States". It doesn't help that I came back to terrible weather. But luckily I don't have time to brood because I jumped right back into to work, seeing friends and visiting museums.

Cool Tiffany Chandelier

Today I went to the Musée du Luxembourg to see the Tiffany exhibit. It was nice, but definitely not worth the 11 euros I paid for the ticket. I managed to take about 30 pictures before I was told photography wasn't allowed (what can I say, there were no signs).

One of two rooms of the exhibit

It was a pathetically small exhibit. I read all the of the informative blurbs and really studied some of the pieces and was completely done in 35 minutes. Another annoying thing was that everything was in French. Granted it was pretty easy French (I understood about 95%), but for all the t
ourists who don't speak French, well I guess the museum made a lot of extra money off them by offering the audio guide for 4.50...such a racket!

My favorite lamp of the exhibit

I wouldn't recommend the exhibit only because the price is the same for Louvre and D'Orsay and they are much more exciting and interesting. However, it was nice seeing Tiffany pieces and learning how Tiffany came to be Tiffany & Co, but as I said, I am a country girl at heart and couldn't help but think, "It's just a bunch of broken glass glued together."


buffalodick said...

Definition of Culture Shock- Going from Arkansas to Paree... You are an amazing, woman on quite an interesting journey! Stay the course!

Zhu said...

I was thinking the same! 11 Euro? Wow, museums are more expensive than I remember.

Jules said...

Very nice pictures from your visit to the museum (and the lovely channel)... glad you snapped some before the guard caught you ; ).

Hehe, my husband would totally agree with you on his frustration with French museums. (I think the Louvre is the same?) Loves visiting them, but wishes they had multiple language subtitles like his native country's museums, in addition to the purchase headphone option. A little more tourist-friendly ; ).

But I guess some of the smaller countries assume that most people don't speak their language so make accommodations like that whereas bigger countries or countries with more common international languages assume that tourists will know their language.

Either way, props to you for being a French-speaking francophile. I studied Spanish and Norwegian, but wish I could speak French, among other languages. C'est la vie!

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas