Friday, October 30, 2009

La Defense

I don't know if I've ever actually posted pictures of La Defense or not so here are some of the 'business district of Paris, although it is not actually in the city. Anyway, here is a quick pictorial of where I work. I tried to take the pictures on a non-rainy day, but it's Paris and it's Autumn so the likelihood of that happening is rare.

If you are not into modern building, then you probably wouldn't appreciate La Defense, but I love this area. Most of the buildings are quite artistic (I didn't get a shot of my favorite which is bent).
And being France, there is plenty of artwork sprinkled throughout the area, both modern (Calder) and classical. I believe there are three fountains which are quite pleasant in summer, not so nice in winter.
I should also point out that while La Defense is cram-packed from 8a.m. - 7p.m. every workday, it is a ghost town on the weekend and at night. About the only attraction then is the fabulous Quatre Temps mall and the American style grocery store Auchan.


buffalodick said...

We have had a large outdoor Calder stabile in Grand Rapids MI for over 40 years! Symbol of the city on signs..

Angela in Europe said...

I love Calder. You are lucky to have one. I went to his exhibit at a museum here and I loved it!

buffalodick said...

You should have been here when they commissioned it! The Dutch and Polish conservatives flipped out! Once built, the complaints went away slowly and people realized what a unique treasure we had.. Other unusual monument here- a statue of a tooth by the Grand River.. We were the first city in America to fluoridate the water supply..

Zhu said...

I studied in Dauphine so I went to la Défense a lot. I can,t get used to it... the esplanade isn't too bad when it's nice out. but the maze of stores inside drives me crazy. Plus, it was always packed for lunch.

The skyline is interesting though.