Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Armistice Day

Thanks to all the brave men and women serving their countries throughout the world. Of course, I want to express special graditude to the Americans but don't want to forget the sacrifices other make either. So a big, heartfelt thanks to all those in uniform!

I honestly had every intention of going to the Arc de Triomphe today to see Sarko and Merkel lay a wreath on the tomb of the unknown soldier but a very rich dinner (raclette: fatty, stinky cheese melted in an awesome table grill, served over potatoes and a multitude of hams-none of which does my tummy any favors) eaten late last night prevented me from keeping my schedule today. Instead of being up and out the door by 8:30, I slinked to the gym at 11:30...not a productive morning for me. Although on the way to the gym, I was pleased to several bouquets placed on historic plaques in remembrance of those who died during the country's several wars.

I have to admit, the relationship between German and France surprised me when I first arrived, considering the recent history of the two countries. I expected the Frogs to hate the former invaders but haven't found that to be so. For the most part, the Germans and French seem to like each other very much. Culturally, there is at least one television station which promotes the Franco-German relationship through joint ventures and politically they agree on almost everything. I guess it is normal to try to get along with your neighbors but it seems to me that the French and Germans go out of their way to heal the wounds of the past. Bravo!


buffalodick said...

Europe has fought each other so many different times, and conquered each other over the many years- even they have to be sick of it!

Angela in Europe said...

I totally agree with that and I think for the most part Europe is done fighting.

Jules said...

The whole Alsatian (Alscien?) region is a natural blending of French and German, no? So maybe this alludes to the overall relationships of the two countries? Maybe the political arena takes longer to heal than the average citizens?

Just a thought, hehe, I'm not so great at understanding the complexity of international relationships ... so much history and political influences play into that stuff.

Anyway, pretty cool that the the French President and the German Chancellor come together on this occassion! I didn't catch the news yesterday, so I'm happy to be informed from your site : ).