Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter (Damn Chocolate)

Thank goodness Easter is finally here. Now, hopefully all of those beautiful, tempting chocolate eggs, bunnies, ducks and fish will be removed from the display windows and the boring ol' bars of chocolate will find their rightful place, out in the opening, tempting the masses.

I have no idea why Easter chocolate makes my mouth water so much. For the most part, I am not a big chocolate eater. I might have some chocolate once every two months and when I do, it is rarely just a chocolate bar, more often than not, it is a dessert with chocolate as an ingredient. I almost never crave it and when I do, I can usually forget about it before I actually get to a store to purchase some. And believe me, Paris has no shortage of specialty chocolate shops, so it isn't a lack of product that keeps me from consuming cacao, I just don't NEED it like some people do.

But this year, I couldn't help myself. I had to have one of those eggs. I mean, just look at how tempting they are! And of course, I couldn't buy one from Auchan or Monoprix or one of the other grocery stores. No, I had to have one from an artisan. So I ended up paying 14 euros for about 100 grams of chocolate only to be pretty disappointed (as I stated earlier, not a big fan of it). But it was absolutely necessary.

I hope everyone has/had a Happy Easter. I promise those neighborhood posts are coming up real soon, well as soon as the weather learns how to behave itself. We've had rain, hail, wind and unseasonably cold weather the past two weeks.


Zhu said...

My favorite French chocolate (not sure if it's French but I can't find it anywhere else) was the Pyrénéen (spelling?).

Used to love it as a kid... taste it if you get a chance! Silver wrapping paper.

buffalodick said...

I had a craving for some too, and after one little piece, My craving ended!

Pardon My French said...

Yeah, I had one of those chocolate fish and it was definitely prettier than it tasted. Plus those sugar balls or whatever that were inside are no replacement for jelly beans!

Jules said...

Hehe, those are beautiful Easter chocolate displays. I do have major "need" of chocolate at times, so I would defintiely be spending lots of Euros to keep up with the "subtle" (know I recall how to spell!) habit. You are lucky to to have the constant temptations for cacao.

Kind of related, I was on the Eurostar last Easter and was so happy with the little dessert... a little cake-type dessert with a chocolate egg in the little center indent.