Friday, October 07, 2005

Wrong Profession

I hate teaching. No, not really. I just hate my students. No, that is not even it. I just hate some of the little maggots in a few of my classes. I am almost hoarse from yelling for nearly two hours yesterday and two hours today. I actually had to threaten and then discipline some of the students. I don’t want to discipline people; that is one of the many reasons I don’t have children or teach elementary school (hats off to you, Jen). For the love of money, all of my students are in the University and they can’t seem to behave as well as most 13 year olds. What happens is that 2 or 3 of them start whispering, then the rest start, then before I can blink an eye, it sounds like a sports stadium at half-time. It is deafening and I have to talk over all this noise. Yesterday, my first impulse was to walk out. No, that is a big, fat lie. My first impulse was to throw my books at the ones who kept talking, but seeing how physical violence is usually frowned upon in school settings, I refrained. So it is the end of the week, I am exhausted, my throat hurts and I hate all people under the age of 25.

Just to inform all of those who wish to know, this is my schedule:
11:00 Oral Comprehension
12:00 Lab
1:00 Lab
2:45 Lab
4:00 Lab
Tuesday and Wednesday
No classes, but I spend these days preparing or taking French lessons.
9:00 Lab
10:00 Lab
11:00 Lab
2:00 Lab
3:00 Lab
4:00 Lab
10:30 Lab
11:30 Oral Comprehension
12:45 Lab
1:45 Oral Comprehension

While this may seem like an awesome schedule because I only have to prepare 2 classes a week (I thought it was great at first), it is incredibly boring. Clever things I say at the first of the week somehow don’t seem so clever after the 8th time. Teaching lab, the same lab, 12 times a week is NOT fun. I just wanted to say, “Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,” for an hour today.

On a positive note, I had a great time last night visiting with my friends Seb 1, Seb 2, Cecil, Joann and Dr. Allen. I think we all had a great night. At least I know I really enjoyed myself.

I think I will call it a day. My suitemate, Jessica, and I are going to Paris tomorrow to do some shopping. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

A note to all of my European friends: It is SOCCER, not football.


Waterbead said...

I feel the same way at times, though I have some good students.

...For the most part, though...I'd like to kill many of them. A fellow teacher handed me a bag of firecrackers and told me to write names on them, and then blow them up. It was rather theraputic.

-love, Danielle-

Jennifer said...

Hey, you can just stand back and stare them down until they silence. I usually keep them in as many minutes as they keep me (even if it leaves a line waiting for my next class.) Don't waste your voice at yelling. I did that and ended up hoarse for 6 mos. Just look the main one in the eye. I think twice, in my career, I just sat down and started reading, and told them to figure it out. Ooops. Not good advice...You shouldn't be wasting your voice (yelling) on adults. Le brats...Jen

Angela in Europe said...

Thanks for the advice! I don't know if my students are smart enough to figure out any mind games. I might have to resort to the firework thing.