Monday, April 10, 2006

I Live in the Phunky, Phunky Ghetto

Please forgive the many pictures in this entry, but I am trying to get CNN to notice my talent.

As everyone knows, I live in the ghetto and occasionally cars and building get set on fire. Today was a super exciting day because both happened!

What amazed me most about all of this was the complete incompetence of all emergency personnel. Sasha and I saw the burning car, observed the fire fighters standing around scratching their heads, ran back to the dorms, got my camera and returned to the scene before anyone attempted to do anything! As a matter of fact, the fire fighters who were at the scene originally were gone. (I feel so safe now.)

I do not have the talent to convey the utter hilarity that unfolded as we watched the French try to put this fire out. First, they couldn't hook up the hose because they couldn't find a hydrant. Finding one took about 20 minutes, then when they turned the water on, it wasn't properly connected, so water went everywhere. That took another 20 minutes.

After they figured out how to use the hose, they focused on the car. Let me repeat. Instead of trying to get the fire in the building under control, the hosed the car down. Now, WHY? WHY? Oh god, France, why? The car is a lost cause; put the burning building on the top of your priority list, please.

We sat and watched all of it for nearly an hour, long enough to observe the police standing about a mile away from all of the action while all of the kids played in the rubble. When we were leaving, we noticed the car was still on fire.......


MaMaMe said...

i bet it was all started by a mad women...just caught boyfriend in bed with another, so she starts his appartmeant on fire, then his car.

Angela in Europe said...

Funny, but quiet possibly true!

Julie said...

Jeez, I like my firefighters to know what they're doing. You're right: funny and scary.

I hope you have a working smoke detector because rescue under these circumstances doesn't strike me as a likely thing.

thebluechild said...

Oh my GOD!!! What happened to the building? Is it a large pile of ash now? From what I've read, I doubt it could be anything else!