Thursday, June 01, 2006

Tower Bridge, London

Tower Bridge in London is awesome. It is right next to the Tower of London and it is immense. The view from this bridge has a wonderful vantage point over the rest because you can see most of the river views of London from it.

Everyone knows London Bridge is famous, but this bridge is incredible in comparison. It is majestic, busy, beautiful and really clean. I spent a lot of time on and near this bridge for two days because there are so many fantastic photographic opportunities.

Although I thought the bridge was gorgeous during the day, at night it is simply breath taking. A million lights illuminate the bridge and walking across it is almost a fairy tale experience. And the views of London Bridge and London are equally spectacular. During the day, London looks like a normal big city, but at night I could feel Sherlock Holms and Jack the Ripper and Shakespeare in the streets. (Yes, I know, I prefer the fantasy world.) I kept looking for Dickens as well. I don't know what it is, but London, while amazing during the day, is absolutely brilliant at night.

And at night, the banks of the Thames are lit up and people drink and eat along side it on park benches. Between Tower Bridge and London Bridge (the red bridge) there are lights in the trees and several cafes. I love how the lights reflect off the water! Amanda, Heather and I weren't the only ones to appreciate the view; there were a lot of people with tripods and massive cameras taking pictures.


Vanessa said...

I got a really good shot of the Tower Bridge that I had blown up and framed. It is a gorgeous site to see!

Lotus Reads said...

Those are some wonderful pictures you took, Angela. They've made me very nostalgic.

Moment said...

wow! I love the pictures. I wish you could see how green with envy I am right now.

Julie said...

The nighttime scene sounds and looks beautiful. Bridges are among the most beautiful of architectural works to me and the Tower Bridge is particularly beautiful.

Anonymous said...

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