Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Healthy Anger Release

I thought this might be fun, if not a little healthy. Moment decided to tag me with a "20 Things That Irritate Me." At first I didn't think I could finish a list of 20, but once I started typing, I realized I had waaay more than 20.

1. Terrorists
2. Alot. Listen up people, I am a teacher and if you choose to use “a lot” it is two words, not one.
3. People who pick their noses in public.
4. People who make-out in public.
5. People who listen to music on their cell phone/ipod loud enough for me to hear it.
6. Gas prices (European and U.S.)
7. Celebrity obsessed people.
8. Using public transportation.
9. People who admonish me on my blog but do not sign their names (if I ever find anonymous….)
10. Random Europeans who tell me how much they hate the U.S., especially if they listen to Rap music, eat at McDonalds, or wear Levi’s.
11. That I am not incredibly, ridiculously wealthy.
12. Bad comedies
13. Sharks
14. Bad hair days and fat days.
15. People who bash the military.
16. People who try to “convert” me to their chosen religion.
17. Socialism/Communism
18. Carpet
19. Transfat and the fact that I know what transfat is.
20. The state of health care in the U.S.

I am going to tag Diamond Lil because she sounds like she is having a tough day.


cara said...

you hate carpet? maybe you should move on down here...no one uses carpetting. i found it strange at first.
i'm so with you on the making out in public. i was out for lunch with someone the other day and had the hardest time concentrating on the conversation as just over my companion's should was a teenage boy practically mauling his poor girlfriend. scene came complete with slobber noises. disgusting.

Julie said...

Carpet? Carpet?

Angela in Europe said...

I don't hate carpet, it just irritates me because you can never get it clean and it holds a ton of allergens.

Yes, Cara, the public slobbering is foul. I really can't stand it when someone my age is doing it. I understand it when kids do it, but not adults?!!!

Moment said...

I'm with you on
Now wasn't fun to get all that bitching out?!?!

hellomelissa said...

not only bad hair days, but bad hair dye jobs.

and those religious convert people drive me nuts. especially when it's a friend you've known for a long time, and then you feel as if they've been biding their time with you only to pop the conversion thing when they have you as a confidante.