Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm Back

My country alter-ego

I hope everyone had a good summer. I had a great vacation in the States and enjoyed every minute of my French duration vacation (more than five weeks). I had hoped to blog some while I was home, but I really just didn't have the time. Between going to the gym, visiting with friends and family and all the shopping I did, there wasn't a moment to spare.

The transition back to Paris was hard the first day. I was sad to be back and the weather is completely depressing at the moment, but after the second day and a full day of jet-lagged work, Paris seemed more welcoming. Plus I have some big plans for this year in Paris so I am looking forward to getting everything in motion.

I hope everyone had a great summer and the return to school, work, real life, etc. wasn't too hard.


buffalodick said...

I'd say welcome back but you were here, and now you're back- in Paris! Glad you had a good time, and wish you many new adventures!

Angela in Europe said...

Thanks Buffalo for the sentiment!

Jules said...

Ooooh... your time back home sounds lovely. That's a very good thing for your time to be consumed with friends and family and fun : ).

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas