Friday, November 20, 2009

Eiffel Tower Celebrates 120 Years

Normal, nightly light show

For some reason, the city of Paris has decided to celebrate the Eiffel Tower's 120th birthday. I don't really know why the powers that be chose this particular number to celebrate, but they have, and boy, what a show!

I've read different accounts as to how many lights are used, but the number I have seen most frequently is 400. Apparently, they are using LED lights to spotlight the different colors on the Eiffel Tower.

Normally, the show lasts for ten minutes every hour on the hour at night. There are tons of twinkling lights and it is really breathtaking to behold. But until December 31st, there will be an additional 'show' of colored, patterned lights four times a night, on the hour, beginning at 8.

Unfortunately my pictures do not do it justice. Let me just say, it was cold and windy and I had to pee really, really bad but I stayed until the entire show was over (5 minutes for the regular lights and then an additional 12 for the special display).


buffalodick said...

That would be a sight worth seeing!

Frau said...

Gorgeous pictures!

Angela in Europe said...

It is a sight worth seeing. I am going to try and see it a few more times.

Thanks Frau!

Zhu said...

It must be nice!

I always find it funny the way Parisian like to say they find the Eiffel Tower "ugly".

Jules said...

Still very beautiful... I wish I was there to witness it, too. Kinda jealous ; ). Hehe.