Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Originally I wanted to be a princess, because, well, it would be cool. Especially since I have seen a lot of castles and a lot of royal gardens (my personal favorite of the two). However, after thinking about it for a while, being a princess seems like a really bad idea.

First of all, back in the day, they had to get married very young. Secondly, they had and still have to wear horrible outfits. Finally, if they don't produce an heir, they are in deep trouble. On the other hand, princes have it made. Just look at prince Harry. He parties all the time! Nodody wants him to get married or have babies. Yup, I think I want to be a prince.

Monday, I went to Versailles with Sasha (an American student studying at Cergy) with every intention of finally viewing the castle. I almost did it too, but the 20 euro fee turned me off. Instead we just walked around the gardens, which are immense to say the least, and ate a cafe on the grounds.

It was a beautiful day, except for the wind. Mon Dieu, the wind. I have been told several times by many people the wind is amazing at Versailles, but for some reason I never gave it a second thought...until I felt it for myself. I have no idea what atmospheric or climate conditions cause this phenomenon, but it is truly unbelievable. Most of my pictures are blurry because I could not hold my camera still long enough to capture the shot. I know why the royality wanted to build a palace there-to escape the summer heat. Well, they're not the only smart ones; I know where I will be in July!

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Diamond Lil said...

Awesome pics! I want to be a prince too. Men have it sooo much easier than women. Not to mention that they don't have to go through the physical act of pregnancy. MEN?!? *sigh*