Friday, March 10, 2006

Turkish Toilets, Yay or Nay

Alright, I do love Paris, however, there are several things I find very irritating about this wonderful city. Two of my most constant complaints concern the utter lack of technology and/or progress. I know Paris is an old city, but give me a break! Modernize a little.

My first complaint (I have a HUGE problem with this too) are Turkish toilets. What the...Why, why, why? I can't imagine anybody, especially any ladies, who would want to go out and drop a chunk of change at a nice restaurant only to go the the restroom to find that the proprietors, instead of installing toilets, have settled for a huge hole in the ground. Granted, most Turkish toilets do have skid pads for your feet, but let's be honest, it doesn't erase the fact that you have to do your business in a hole. Plus, if you add a little wine to the mix, well, let's just say, it complicates matters. I know most men don't have any problem with this, but really, it is just a recipe for disaster for women. So listen up Paris; get rid of these! Now. Nobody thinks they are charming. Turkish toilets are archaic and have no place in the civilized world.

My second major complaint involves the amount of time it takes to repair, fix, restore, clean, etc. things. Samaritaine (pictured above) is supposed to be closed for ten years so the fire escapes can be updated. TEN YEARS?! I pass by it about 3 times a week and I never see anybody working on anything. Get with the program, Paris! It is the same with all the monuments under construction. Most of them either have been under construction for 10 years, or will be under construction for 10 years! I am so tired of hearing, "No, that is closed for the next 7 years." Hire somebody to fix this stuff! Better yet, hire some Americans. We work at least 40 hours a week, so we could probably shorten the repair time by a few years.


Moment said...

lol...I guess french people are lazier then americans. which is amazing!

Julie said...

The whole thought of turkish toilets seems completely at odds with the idea of glamorous Paris.


Torsten said...

Hi Angela,

thanks for the nice comment in my blog. A friend of mine is living in Paris like you. But she lives in the southern part of Paris. She is know here in Germany for an internship.
I like your blog. You have a nice style of writing and it is fun to read. The pictures are pretty nice too.
Enjoy your stay

Diamond Lil said...

Ew. On the bright saide, at least they don't overflow...or do they?

thebluechild said...

U have to understand that the french are pretty laid back. Another word for down right lazy! So why make a proper toilet when u can just make a hole in the ground??

thebluechild said...
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Angela in Europe said...

Um, actually turkish toliets do overflow when you flush them. And as I said, when you have had a few glasses of's not pretty.

MaMaMe said...

they really have them there? thats just gross, is it like an outhouse hole? thanks for visiting my blog...i love your pics!