Monday, April 03, 2006

Beautiful Weekend

This weekend was BEAUTIFUL! I think it rained both days, but only for a few hours in the morning. I spent Saturday in Vincennes, which is southeast of the city limits of Paris, just walking around taking pictures. Sunday, Sasha and I went back to Vincennes and then to the Marais. The Marais is fantastic on Sundays. It is the gay area of Paris (there are two Madonna shops), but on Sunday all of the Orthodox Jews are out. It is such an odd mix of people. The highly fashionable and men with long beards and cool hats. Only in Paris could such a mixture work.


Moment said...

Those flowers are beautiful. Glad you had a good weekend. :)

Julie said...

Springtime in Paris! Beautiful. You're a lucky woman.

thebluechild said...

Great pics. And crazy crowd.