Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Paris Metro

Picture of Nation metro station. The advert is
for L.A. It is spelled phonetically in French.
About 45% of the time, I love the Metro system in Paris. I HATE the public part, but it is quite easy to navigate and very convenient. However, it is very dirty and there are many, MANY crazies who find it interesting to wander around the tubes all day.

Sometimes really gross things will be on display for all to see. For instance, the other day a homeless man who had urinated on himself several times, passed out on the train. He smelled so bad that most of the people had to get off the car he was in, including yours truly.

Most of the time, not including the apex of rush hours, riding the metro is tolerable. Not enjoyable, but not abhorrent; convenient, if a little bothersome.

There are even shops in the stations. You can buy papers, clothes, food, wine, and flowers. Occasionally, when I am in a hurry for a party, I just transfer at Nation so I can buy a bottle of wine to take to dinner.

However some days, it is down right fasinating. There are tons of musicians who showcase their talent in the underground. One of my favorites is a 5 man group who sings Irish (I think) music. There is also a very long haired Asian man who plays the violen fantastically.

Sunday, there was a string group. Beautiful! Amazing! They were playing classical music in the mist of rushing commuters. I think I might be a little jealous. There was even a lady pushing the band/group's c.d. Consumerism at its finest.

So while the Metro is disgusting and revolting most of the time and more often than not, just a means to an end, sometimes it can be really astonishing.

Talented string musicians in the
Metro on a Sunday afternoon.


Gone Home said...

Excellent photos, and great insight. I'd love to see that.

Here in Aussie we get former deputy primr ministers selling their books from little stalls in the market. Gotta love that :)

TheHamburger said...

Never been there...enjoying your stay at least?

Angela in Europe said...

Ian-I keep waiting to see Villepin in the tubes....

Hamburger-I like France; it's great except for all of the French people.

Diamond Lil said...

The stuff you see on public transit could provide blogging material for years.

I love that they sell wine and flowers in the Metro, here they sell them near. In is so much better than near.

thebluechild said...

jeez! now u have me confused! if I ever visit France I don't know if I'll use to metros to enjoy the music and shopping or avoid it to miss out on Mr. Peeinhispants