Friday, September 08, 2006

Another Update

I like my new apartment and the area. It really does make a difference! I love waking up in Paris and knowing I just have to take a quick shower and in about 20 minutes I can be at the Louvre. I wish I had lived in Paris all this time; I bet my attitude would have been different.

However, things are completely fantastic yet. I have been without internet and phone for more than a week and it is driving me insane, and I see no solution in site because the phone line is not working. France Telecom has to come to my apartment to fix it, which will cost more. I really do not understand why everything is so expensive in this country and why it takes so long for anything to get accomplished.

For example, I had to apply for another work permit and on the piece of paper they gave me to prove I had applied for a new work permit, they wrote "not allowed to work." Why in the world would a work permit say I am not allowed to work? Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't that the whole idea behind a work permit? And because of this little mistake, I had to go stand in line for 6 hours another day to get a different permit so I can work, except I couldn't get it because my address had changed. I have to change my address before I can get a piece of paper saying I can work. Want to know how you change your address in France? You have to call a number. And guess what, that number is ALWAYS busy. I now know how dogs feel; I have been chasing my tail and I am never going to catch it. Why, oh why doesn't anything make sense in this country?


Julie said...

I am SO glad that you found this apartment. It sounds like a much, much better situation.

But that work permit situation -- yikes! I know I could never live or work in France because I can barely stand to deal with the bureaucratic paperwork involved in renewing a license or a car registration in this country. No way could I jump through the hoops involved in having the French government issue a visa or a work permit.

I just read a funny blog entry by someone else who lives in Paris about trying to obtain and then renew a visa. Sounds as if it helps to have a lot of patience and a good sense of humor if you are going to live in Paris.

Moment said...

Man that sucks!
Sorry it's such a pain to get a permit. You wouldn't think it would be that hard to work.

Lotus Reads said...

Hi, Angela!

So glad you're enjoying your new apartment! I know a lot of people who would love to be where you are, but ofcourse, that's because most of us have a romanticized notion of Paris. Thanks for showing us the daily grind as well.

Happy "moving in" and hope that all the other paperwork goes smoothly.

Expat Traveler said...

sounds like the same waiting crap that I am getting unpatient about here in canada... But I do hope it gets better for you.

I'm so glad you moved and you love it a lot more!!!

jlp said...

Do you still have the same job?

hellomelissa said...

i remember wondering how the people who lived in spain tolerated the things that "didn't make sense" while visiting there last year. i read "thoughts from galicia, spain" blog, and it cements my impression! but while in england i thought the exact opposite... too much makes sense there, and they go about it in a very long-winded way. no matter where you go, there'll always be those things that will never make sense to you, n'est ce pas?

Angela in Europe said...

Julie-Yes being patient helps, but even if you are not patient, you are still going to wait forever! I have an immediate appointment....for Oct. 23.

Moment-All my friends keep telling me it is the same for foreigners in the U.S.

Lotus-So far so good. I am busy reading the book you lent me.

Expat-So it is the same in Canada, huh?

JLP-Yes, I have the same job and some extra ones.

Hellomelissa-I would kill for too much sense right now!