Monday, December 11, 2006


As predicted, I had a blast in Amsterdam. It is a fun city. I got to eat at a Japanese restaurant twice. I glad I got to go and I think everyone had a good time. It was a rather unique way to celebrate a birthday (not mine).
Unfortunately, I did not take many pictures. It was too cold and wet to get my camera out much and we spent most of Saturday in the Van Gogh museum. It is a beautiful city though.
Hope you had a good birthday, Deb! Thanks for the invitation.


Deb said...

I had a absolute blast! Thanks for joining me in Amsterdam to celebrate a change in decades.
....besides, too many pictures may have been incriminating.

Diamond Lil said...

Tell me you visited a coffee shop!

hellomelissa said...

i'm OOZING jealousy. someday i'll get to amsterdam!! in the meantime, i'll cling to christmas cards sent to me AAAALLLLLLL the way from paris. ;) thanks!

Deb said...

Sounds like you had a ggod time. Nice pic too!

Lotus Reads said...

I love Amsterdam, it's such a breath of fresh air. So glad you had a nice time - how did you get around? I keep seeing you on a bicycle, but I'm sure it was too wet for that! :)

Angela in Europe said...

Deb-I know; we have to do it again.

Diamond lil-NO comment.

Hellomelissa-It is a beautiful city.

2nd Deb-Thanks

Lotus-The only time I get on a bike is at the gym!