Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Blog Award

I would like to thank Jules at Lovely Las Vegas for her kind shout out and this award. It is the first blog award I've received. I looked at the rules for this award:

*List 7 Things That Make You Awe-Summm!
*Pass It On To 7 Bloggers Who Are Awe-Summm!
*Be Sure To Tag Your Awe-Summm Bloggers To Let Them Know!
*Then Link Back To The Queen That Tagged You

I'm afraid it is quite difficult to list 7 awesome things about my blog. I can only come up with two things: the pictures and it has basically served as a complaint forum for me over the years (kept me sane).

I can however, list 7 awesome blogs. Here they are:

Jen at Expat Travels for her great photography and for being such a great gal!

Lotus at Lotus Reads for giving me great reading ideas and a whole new set of friends.

Pardon my French for being a fellow expat to commiserate with over the years and for her insight on having a child in France.

Random Attention Disorder for giving us all a look at life in a Corsican village.

Betty C. at La France Profonde whom I have just recently discovered but still really appreciate her photos and commentary.

Starbender at This S#%t drives me CRAZY!!! for always making me chuckle.

And most recently Buffalodick for the great recipes.

And again, a big thank you to Jules and her great blog!


buffalodick said...

Thank you very much! More recipes to come, as grilling/smoking season is coming soon!

Betty C. said...

Thank you very much for the award. I'm a little lazy about passing these on, but I will try to do it on an upcoming post, and will tell you about it!

Lotus Reads said...

Angela, thank you so much! This is really nice of you...and,thank you for being such a wonderful friend to all of us! :)

starbender said...

Awww, thanx hon.
Glad I can put a smile on your face.

Pardon My French said...

Thanks, Angela! I'm always happy to commiserate! I can think of 7 things that make you awe-summm...maybe I should do yours instead of mine? It's a thought!

Pardon My French said...

Hello, again! Just saying that you've been tagged for a meme on my blog...

Jules said...

Thanks, woman! I mean, merci beaucoup (hopefully spelled right... I studied Spanish and Norwegian, so I'm highly deficient on French, unfortunately).

Betty C. said...

I'm sending you this link to my post again, just in case you decide I'm not too awful for you to publish it, lol!

Take care.