Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Full of Gripes

All the buildings in Paris must be resurfaced, repainted, cleaned, etc. every ten years. Technically I know this, but until they started cleaning mine, I didn't actually KNOW this. For the past three weeks, about four men have been building the scaffolding (just building it, mind you) and I do believe I might go crazy.

They start everyday at 7:30, which is incredibly surprising because nothing 'starts' at 7:30 in France, and they bang metal until about 10, at which time, they take an hour break. Then they bang around for another hour or so and take a two-hour break. (Honestly, if it weren't for the ridiculously long breaks, I wouldn't know I was in France.) Then at 2 they come back and start again, but with much less vigor, and continue until 5.

It's just waking up to banging metal or the noise that is driving me insane, it's the fact that I now have no natural sunlight in my apartment. And I am sure it is going to be like that for the duration of the summer which really, really depresses me. I won't be able to open my curtains (leering workmen abound) or my windows so if it ever gets hot, I will have no air. Things like this make me think Paris isn't as charming as it seems.


Jules said...

Oh, wow! That does not sound like fun. It is an interesting concept, this upkeeping of buildings every 10 years, but what a hassle when you are living in one of those places when it's upkeep is occuring! Eeks, I hope you can get some quiet during this time... maybe stock up on earplugs or something! And hopefully this doesn't last too long? Do you know how quickly they can complete it? Best wishes to you in the time being!!

buffalodick said...

Come on back to the good old USA! We work like Asians now, for less- if you have a job!

starbender said...

I love to sleep in, I would lose my mind while all that was going on.

Angela in Europe said...

B.D.-That is exactly the reason I don't want to come back to the U.S. I am too lazy to work there now!