Monday, April 11, 2005

Love the paycheck!

As I have stated, I hate my full time job. Here is one of the reasons why.

A couple of months ago, one of the managers got on drugs and went bonkers. Well, in one of his better moments, he came to work with a gun and threatened to kill all of us. When we finally called the cops, the manager in question, got in his car and tried to drive into the building. Fun times! Well, needless to say, he was fired and we had some peace temporarily.

Today the peace and sense of well-being was shattered because for some reason, he was rehired. He showed up late and in a dirty shirt. Yay for us! Hopefully his aim isn’t too good.


Vanessa said...

So, after work tonight do you want to go shopping for bulletproof vests? I wonder if Old Navy has any cute ones.

Eddo said...

SHUT UP! That is too INSANE.

Um... perhaps it's time to update that resume.

By the way, Vanessa is trying to match-make with us, could you be the future Mrs. Edward C. Renz?

Are you hot? Christian? And extremely funny?

And why are you going to Europe? Is it to get away from that crazy manager with the gun? Don't you think Europe is a little extreme? You could just move out of state, no need to leave the blessed USA.