Monday, April 11, 2005

Sundays are FUN!

I just started cleaning a house on Sunday. This particular house is owned by 2 wiener dogs who are quite friendly. One of the dogs likes to follow me around while I clean. It is a very stealthy creature, and from what I can tell, likes to sneak up behind me and watch my every action intently. At first this worried me, because I wasn’t sure if the dog would be okay around the cleaning supplies or not; however as it turns out, she just likes to watch. Aside from being startled occasionally, the dog’s nosiness doesn’t really disturb my routine, so we get along fine.

Yesterday I got up, got dressed and went to the house to clean. The shorts I picked were a little baggy, but who cares, nobody is home when I am there anyway. When I got to the house, I made a point to play with the little doggies for a while before I started cleaning. We played fetch for about 15 minutes and then I started with the dirty work. Every time I turned around, the nosey dog was right behind me, smiling. It was really unnerving because I almost stepped on her 100 times. I am a picky housekeeper and take great pride in doing a good job and for or some reason or another, I really had to scrub the master bathroom tub good. I had been bent over scrubbing with a brillo pad for about 15 minutes, when I felt something wet on my bum. My shorts were hanging kind of low and I thought I might have sweated or gotten water on myself, so I didn’t think much about it. Then I felt it again. I wiped at the part and didn’t feel anything, but this time I turned around and, low and behold, the little doggy was licking my exposed skin. She was quite happy and simply refused to be shooed away. What a lovely experience to have your first kiss of the week by a dog who is fascinated with exposed skin. Moral of the story (if there is one) is when wearing baggy pants, be prepared to have your bum licked by a wiener dog.

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