Monday, November 21, 2005


Well, winter has finally arrived in France, and yes, it is very cold. I celebrated its arrival by trying the Beaujolais Nouveau and running through the streets of Paris at 2 in the morning. I do think I will like France in the wintertime. I went to the Galeries Lafayette on Saturday and saw the most amazing Christmas tree I have ever seen (I think it could compete with the one at Rockefeller Center), and bought Christmas presents for the family. I hope to send them this week, but haven't actually figured out how to send boxes home, or for that matter, even where to buy boxes. So for those of you reading this (mainly family) I am thinking about you and have bought you real Paris presents, but you might not get them until next year. I also volunteered to serve Christmas dinner at the two American Churches in Paris, but neither one wants me, so there goes that idea. I plan on eatting at the Hard Rock Cafe for Thanksgiving and then having a dinner with my friends on Friday. If anyone would like to donate ideas or recipes for Thanksgiving, that would be great! I hope everyone has a nice holiday weekend and, if you can, eat some extra pumpkin pie for me.

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