Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Château de Vincennes

I also spend part of the day at Château de Vincennes. It was freezing and I paid 5 euros to stand in the church, listen to a lot of French history, and look at models of how the area looked throughout its existence. Everything except the keep and the church belongs to the military. The keep (Marquis de Sade was prisoner here) and the church are property of the restoration society. Unfortunately, the French do not get in a hurry to restore anything. They have been working on these two buildings for about 10 years which coincides with the length of Chirac's presidency. Apparently Chirac and the head of restoration are dear friends so many things in France have been under construction for ten years. Love the frogs!


Shaun said...


Love the pictures! What a great site!

** Shaun **
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Angela in Europe said...

Thanks. Your site is great too!

Moment said...

Looks wonderful. Too bad you couldn't see it all. Maybe in another 10 years. LOL

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