Thursday, October 20, 2005

Long Live the Doors!

This is Jim Morrison's gravesite. It is pretty unspectacular for a rock star. Located in a really famous cementary, Pere Lachaise, his site is really hard to find, mostly because it is so small compared to the rest of the "residents." He is behind a much bigger monument and there is a fence around his site to keep away unwanted graffiti artists. Many people have told me that he is in danger of being evicted because nobody is paying his rent.


bryan said...

from what i've been told, the french hate him and hate that he's there. so they're finding any reason to get rid of him.

Bekah said...

"Long Live the Doors!"...couldnt have said it any better myself! Jim Morrison is a God and deserves better. Screw the French if they dont want him would be a privilege to have such an icon here!