Tuesday, October 11, 2005

You Can Take the Woman Out of Arkansas but You Can't Take Arkansas Out of the Woman

My roommate, Jessica, and I went to Paris on Sunday. It was a beautiful day; the weather was nice and we had a great time shopping and just looking around. We stumbled onto a wine festival and got a few free samples of some local food. When we finally decided to call it a day, we headed for a metro station. When I am in Paris, I always leave my backpack on my front to keep an eye on it, but this particular station was not too busy, so I put my backpack on my back. Big mistake! Almost as soon as I started walking down the stairs I felt a tug on my bag. I turned around and a little kid, probably around 11 or 12, had my bag unzipped and his hand on my wallet. I caught a would-be mugger! I gave him some American attitude, checked his person to make sure I got everything back and throughout it all, the little creep never acted ashamed or apologetic. I CAUGHT HIM RED HANDED and he acted like it was all in a day’s work for him.

The worst thing about this “incident” is that I went to a party later that night and told a bunch of Europeans about this and most of them told me I was lucky because I caught the guy. Most of them had been mugged in the past! So let this be a lesson to anyone who comes to Paris, never let your eyes off your wallet.


bryan said...

i always had a cheapo lock on mine. like one of those you would exchange tickets for at chuck-e-cheese's. keeps them out and quick, easy for me to get off.

Anonymous said...

When I visited Paris in 2001 I caught a girl of about 9 or 10 years old with her hand in my pocket. I immediately brushed her hand out of my pocket and she went on with her business. I noticed that she was with a team one of which appeared to be her mother and brothers and sisters. She was probably learning the trade. I bet you that by now she could get in my pocket and pick it without me noticing a thing.