Friday, May 26, 2006

Magical London

Rachael and Sebastien
I went to London on the 28th of April and stayed until the 11th of May. I spent the majority of the time at my friend Rachael's house (thanks!) and wondering around London. I had a great time with her and it was really nice to "live" in a normal apartment for a week. I got to cook and grocery shop and do normal things I don't get to do in Paris.

Rachael and I went to see The Producers, then when my friends Heather and Amanda arrived from Arkansas, we went to The Producers again (yes, it is that good!) and to Les Miserables (I've seen that one a lot too). London really is the place to see plays and musicals; both the theaters and performances were amazing. Everything is performed everyday of the week and most have matinees.

I love the theater! If I had any talent at all, I would definitely be an actress in a musical. If I only had the voice, I would be on stage everyday. And if I had the money, I would go to the theater everyday.


Moment said...

I would love to see the plays in England. I also love the theater but not talent. Just alittle karoake now and then.

thebluechild said...

u could always try to learn directing!
tuff job but u get to see the plays for free and get to go up on stage every now and then as well! And I'm glad u got to visit a Boots store! I'd love to visit one in the UK!

Sebastien Blache said...

great picture of both of us if i may!!!
cheers to london!
by the way i've blogged...
rachael is in paris tomorrow!

Lotus Reads said...

We're hoping to visit London towards the end of July - I so hope I am able to catch some good plays!

Julie said...

I'm with you -- if I had the money I'd go to the theatre much more frequently. I love musicals!

I loved the Producers but it would have been a lot more fun to see it in London.