Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Milan, Italy

I have been on a crazy European tour for almost a month. I went to Italy April 11 and returned to France and work for three days on the 25th. Then I went to London to met some friends and from there we went to Amsterdam and came back to Paris. I have tons of pictures and since this is mainly a photo blog, I am going to try to fit as many as possible on here.

The first stop I made on my Italy trip was Milan. It was nice, very cold but very modern. It is at the base of the mountains so I froze most of the time I was there. Shopping is great in Milan and it seemed to be a pretty friendly city. Fortunately, most people spoke English, so getting around is pretty easy.

A few of the famous attractions include The Last Supper which I didn't get to see because you have to buy tickets a month in advance from a website. I tried this with no result. The majority of Europe cannot use the internet, so I wasn't surprised I couldn't get tickets. I met some hockey players from Canada and the U.S. and they had the same problem.

Another attraction is the last work of Michelangelo (pictured on the left). It isn't finished, but it is beautiful. For some reason, it seems to reveal the process of sculpture. I am no artist but now I think I understand how they do it. There are smooth parts and rough parts and even supports that remain between the arms and waist. It is amazing!

The church is another attraction (pictured below). As far as I know, there is not any famous artwork in this church, but it is beautiful and provides a great view of the city. I spent about an hour just wondering around on the roof looking at all the carvings and statues. I will spare you all of those pictures.

Two of the coolest things I saw were these guys walking down the main shopping plaza with swords. How often do you see that? They were huge and most Italians are not. I have no idea what they were doing or if they were part of the military, but nobody seemed to be bothered by their presence. Being an American, I had to get a picture.

There are also remains of a palace in Milan. I only visited it because they claimed to have Da Vinci's work books. They weren't the originals, just copies. However the courtyard of the palace was beautiful and had this neat little fountain hidden away in one of the corners.


Moment said...

wow, neat!
did you happen to get the soldiers numbers?

Lotus Reads said...

I enjoyed Milano when we travelled there in 2004, especially the fashion sense of the men and women. Although it was August and hot as hell, none of the women, or men for that matter, were in shorts. They were always dressed up. Is that just typical of Milano or is it a European thing? The only casually dressed people were tourists!

Angela in Europe said...

Moment-no numbers, but I wish!

Lotus-most Europeans dress better than Americans. I loved the fashion there too!