Sunday, April 26, 2009

Arts et Métiers

Car suspended in the Arts et Métiers church.

I live next to Arts et Métiers museum. Not only is it a museum, it is also a school. I must admit, I am kind of jealous of the students because I can only imagine what it most be like to attend classes full-time in a museum.

Inside the church.

It is one of the more interesting museums because it displays a lot of technology throughout the ages. I love this museum because even for a non-scientific person (me), it is interesting.

Along with the normal science stuff, the museum also has computers, robots, clocks, cameras and doll houses. They even have a room with the bridges and models of the Statue of Liberty. It is so cool seeing the building process for the monuments. But the coolest space is the church. The museum had the inside of a church transformed to display airplanes and cars and the set-up is awesome! There is also a small likeness of the Statue of Liberty. You can go in this statue and see Ellis Island the way immigrants saw it as they were arriving by boat.


Jules said...

Sweet! Is Arts et Metiers for grade school or university students? It would quite nice to study there no matter the age! All the models sounds interesting. What a fun way to spend a weekend!

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

buffalodick said...

That would be very interesting to me! As I describe it, I like Art, but I love Artifacts...

Angela in Europe said...

Jules-More for university age students I think, but I might be mistaken. The models are the best part!

BD-I love artifacts too.