Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Lately, it seems like I've been going to museums and art exhibits a lot, well at least more than usual. This isn't a bad thing as Paris is definitely a city that caters to art lovers, but I keep forgetting to post pictures from all of the visits.

One of the most fascinating and most recent ones was the T.A.G. exhibit at Grand Palais. It displayed a collection of graffiti art collected by some type of art historian/profiteer (not really sure which because I couldn't understand everything he said) in a really awesome space in one of the smaller sections of G.P. With the exception of my visit to l'Orangerie, it was the longest I have ever queued for art.

Anyway, this man found some of the best known 'artists' throughout the world (but mainly NYC), gave them two panels each and told them to 'tag' one and paint their interpretation of love on the other.

Not being too into graffiti, I thought this exhibit was going to be a waste of time, but I was pleasantly surprised. I actually really appreciated all of the colors and designs and came to realize that some of the little delinquents who deface public property are indeed artists.

And while I am still not crazy about randomly damaging walls, metro, buildings, etc., it was nice to see that a lot of these people are crazy romantics. Yeah, sure there were a few paintings with messages of 'love kills', but for the most part, it was all hearts and butterflies. Who knew?


buffalodick said...

One of my "to the world" questions has always been; If you can play the piano and don't, what good is knowing how to play the piano? If you have a talent, and do not use it, you hurt yourself and others that could appreciate it..

Jules said...

Pretty groovy idea. Your right - loving the vibrant colours and the love-vibe. It's nice to have this work displayed in an area where it isn't controversial anymore. It takes away the stigma of "defament" of property and becomes another art form that can be more fully appreciated.

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

Jules said...

By the way, there's an award floating around the net and as a result of it I've written about your blog on my post today plus I'm passing the award along to you. Do as you wish with it : ).

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

starbender said...

i have always liked to look at the graffiti on trains. You have to sit & wait for the end of it anyhow, and there are some fantastic graffiti artist. The pics are beautiful.

chapper3103 said...

Angela, May 2009
I followed your blog over last few years, but took a little break. Last I remember you had just found an apt near Paris, and still teaching a University job (which you didnt like) Are you still at this position or moved on? Glad to have you blogging again!
CRAIG C-Phoenix

Angela in Europe said...

Hi Craig! I know I need to update my info and let everyone know what I've been up to. Glad you are back. I'll try not to disappoint!