Friday, April 29, 2005

Concerts and such.

It is time for Memphis in May (a great concert weekend on the mighty, muddy Mississippi river) again and as usual, the weather appears to be going sour. For as long as I can remember, Memphis in May has always been right smack dab in the middle of thunderstorms, hail and tornadoes. Today we have a chance of thunderstorms with a possibility of a few tornadoes. This is a common occurrence here, so it really is no big deal, but I wish one Memphis in May weekend would be beautiful with cool daytime temperatures and slightly cooler nighttime temperatures. I am sure this will never happen because of the timing and location. Memphis is right in the middle of “tornado alley” and April to early June is our storm season. Then we are blessed with this terrible hot, humid bliss we like to call summer. Hell would be a more appropriate word, but I digress.

I decided to go to Memphis in May this year because I will not be around for it next year or the next, or the next, etc. Actually, I kind of hope I am never around here again. At least not to live, visiting is okay, but I really hope to never live here again. Heather, Jennifer and I are going Saturday evening to see Tesla, Collective Soul and the Killers. Aunt Vanessa (great friend, awesome nurse, and general, all-around nice gal) and I are going Sunday and are probably going to make a day of it, eating, shopping and such and then we will mosey down to the Elvis Costello concert. I am looking forward to all of this with the expectation of a kid going to a candy store because I am tired of Jonesboro and am looking forward to some muddy excitement.

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Vanessa said...

I'm looking forward to Sunday, too. Can't wait to see Elvis Costello. I'm too old and worn out to take two days of it, but I hope you have fun Saturday, too!