Thursday, December 15, 2005

Dear Friend

This is Sebastien. Well, one of the Sebastiens (the other Seb is great, too!). He is a really important person as far as I am concerned because if it had not been for him, I really would have never made it to France. This blog isn't big enough for me to explain all of the hassels he helped me get through before I even got here. I certainly cannot sing his praises enough. I think there were a few times I would have gladly gotten on a plane and went home if not for him. He has introduced me to most of his friends and has, in a large part, helped me to not hate France. I won't go on anymore because I do not want to gush, but if you ever see this man, give him a big, warm reception because he certainly deserves it. He really should be the #1 reason I love France, but since I have already given that to a big metal monument, he will have to settle with being #5.

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Sebastien Blache said...

i had to make a comment about ... my beautiful balcony and the lovely view... you chose a great setting for a great friend indeed.
by the way, hope eveything's well with you in deutschland: get ready to spend new year's eve with rachael and i!!!
ps:the big metal monument gets an interesting explanation in the da vinci code...