Thursday, December 15, 2005

Semester Rush

Well it is my favorite time of the year: the end of the semester. I am so excited because I actually have everything graded and am figuring class grades at this moment. I am a MONTH ahead of schedule. I am sure I am setting some kind of teaching record here. I gave 5 classes their finals on Monday, and by 9 pm., had them all graded. I gave 6 classes their finals today. It is 11 p.m. and they are all graded. I am a teaching genuis!!!! I have 4 classes tomorrow and I WILL have all their tests graded before I leave school. What brought this on, you might ask. I am going to Germany for Christmas and do not want to come back to work, so I just decided I would get everything done. I feel so very sufficient.


Vanessa said...

You are quite the over-achiever.

Angela in Europe said...

Thanks, but I think it is just because I have no freaking life!!!