Sunday, March 26, 2006

I'm So Exciting

I did almost nothing this weekend and it felt great! I know I don't work much, but I do "go" a lot and I think I just needed a small break. Friday night I went out for curry with Dan and Marion and their friends Charlotte and Florian. I always have a good time with them, but I think I need to apologize to Marion. We were talking about politics and we all sort of ganged up on her. I felt bad the next day sans alcohol.

Saturday I slept until 11 and then sat at my computer all day looking through jobs and trying to adjust my c.v. I hate looking for jobs! I seem to do it very often and I am tired of it. If anyone reading this would like to give me a job, I would be extremely thankful. I still don't know if I will stay here for another year or not. If I can find a decent PERMANENT job in the U.S. I would be home in a heartbeat, but I just don't want to arrive without some security.

Sunday I cooked dinner for the American students because they came to my classes and spoke about American students. I thought I owed them as much.

Well, that's it. I know, you are jealous.

By the way, it is warm here! I got to wear flip flops for the first time since November. Warm weather is such a wonderful thing.


Moment said...

I love not doing anything sometimes. it's nice to get some time to relax and enjoy what little pleasures we have.
Flip-flops?! now I'm jealous. I hate cold weather. Can't wait till it gets warm. They're saying almost 70 by the weekend but I bet it don't happen.

marion of course (the one who wasn't ganged up on) said...

You don't need to apologize Angela, I didn't even remember it! Now I'm angry... No, I'm joking. It was funny cos it was one of these moments when I felt I believed in my opinion and after a while and several people intervening I thought "bloody hell, what if they were right? maybe our old system cannot last any longer!" and then thought, oh well, I can't change my mind now... The thing is, it's a never-ending conversation, and things will happen if they have to, whether French people agree with them or not. As for me, I am not against the CPE (although I am not for it either) but I will (shame on me) make the most of this day of striking to relax and enjoy myself! I've worked so hard lately, I feel like I deserve it a bit. To sum it up, Angela, we have agreed to disagree, and I am glad we can have stimulating conversations! Being able to converse with people from a different country and who therefore have contrasting views on certain things is a wonderful thing, especially when they are your friends, isn't it? I'd better go, instead of taking all the space. Take care, see you soon! x x

Julie said...

It's always good to see warm weather. And your trip to Italy sounds exciting! First Paris, now Italy -- you get to go to all the cool places!

Diamond Lil said...

Girl! I am so jealous. Sounds like a perfectly fabu weekend. And spent in flip flops no less!

thebluechild said...

Hehehe! Your weekend is exactly as exciting as most of mine are. Welcome to the eternally blissful world of laziness. And I love warm weather too. Being in Dubai I don't really have a winter worth mentioning but the SUMMER!! Oh boy! You could fry an egg on the road. No jokes!!! Scary ain't it??!

Angela in Europe said...

Moment-My flip flops caused two huge blisters on my toes. I forgot how to break them in!

Marion-Well, I did feel like I was being a little too domineering. By the way, where is your blog...

Julie-I promise to write more about food.

DL-Sounds like you had a good weekend too.

TBC-Glad you are finally putting pictures on your blog.

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