Monday, March 06, 2006

More Fun Blunders in French

Saturday I went to Montmartre and took pictures of Moulin Rouge. Unfortunately, Moulin Rouge is in a really seedy area. There are tons of, um, adult shops on both sides of the street offering everything from the very mild to things only legal in countries where Michael Jackson is considered royalty. I am pretty open minded and I think some of the store fronts are a little over the top. However, the median of this road is lovely. It is huge and there are plants and flowers and park benches; it is really quite pleasant. I try to avoid both of the sidewalks because most of the stores are really foul, but I do enjoy walking down the median.

Several store owners shout what their store has to offer to pedestrians on the sidewalks, but in the median, you are usually safe from the cat calls. Or so I thought. Saturday, a man came up and told me about his store. My French is terrible, but I understood him. I just laughed and said no thanks in French and kept walking.

Well, he kept trying to sell me ticket to the shows in his store and wanted to know why I didn’t want to come; if I was shy; etc. He wouldn’t leave me alone! He kept walking beside me, taunting me. Finally I had enough, but as I mentioned, my French is terrible, so all I could think to say was, “Je ne voudrais pas regarder les personnes qui ressemblent aux chiens!” He looked really confused and walked away muttering French.

First, let me translate and then I will explain myself. I told the man I didn’t want to watch people who looked like dogs. What I meant and couldn’t say is that I didn’t want to go into an “adult” shop and see foul people doing “things” for money. (I am not judging anyone, but it is just not my scene.) Of course, my grasp of French is not good, so I had to settle for what popped out and it worked. I am sure the man thought I was crazy, but who cares. The end result, him leaving me alone, was what I wanted and I got it.

Saturday night I went to an Irish pub with Marion, Dan and their neighbors to listen to Irish music. I took my camera for the specific reason of taking Dan and Marion’s picture because I do not have any of them, but after two pints I forgot I had a camera. Marion reminded me as I was leaving, but I had to run to catch the last train. Oh well, next time.

We also talked about going to Ireland for Bloomsday. I really hope I get to go. For those of you who know what that is, well, you are nerds too.


thebluechild said...

Hahaha! Oh! U poor thing. Not to sound mean but I would have loved to have seen that. I guess I'm lucky to have a pretty good mind's eye coz what I imagines was hilarious. Don't want to see people who look like dogs!!! N i don't think new balance 991s are available here. will keep an eye open for them tho. Have fun!!!

Diamond Lil said...

I think what you said to him is actually quite appropriate!

I am so sounds like you are having an amazing time, despite being undecided about your job. Can we trade lives for just a few weeks??? :)

Chris said...

Did you ever read "Me Talk Pretty One Day" by David Sedaris? It includes a lot of blunders in French, some even more outrageous than your dog one.

Angela in Europe said...

Chris-I haven't read the book, but I assure you that was one of my mild errors. There have been many, many more.

Diamond lil-San Fransisco-yeah, I will trade for a few weeks.

bluechild-not mean, I am good at making a moron out of myself. That is why I like to share.

Julie said...

Great photograph! It looks almost like a movie set. I love the color next to the monochromatic background.

And your story is a new view of Paris. Peep shows with barkers? Who knew.