Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Bologna, Italy

The second place I visited in Italy was Bolgona. This is a terrible, horrible city. Don't ever go there. I hated almost everything about it. The people were unfriendly, the streets were filthy; the sun can't reach the streets because the building are too close so it feels as if the sun is never out.

For two nights I stayed in the worst hotel in the world. Sometimes in Europe, there is no shower curtain in the bathroom, just a type of draining system that allows the water to drain as the shower runs. I don't mind this at all, but unfortunately, my shower didn't drain properly. Actually, it didn't drain at all so all of the water got in my suitcase, in all of my clothes and on the bed sheets. It was terrible.

And that isn't all. The 60 year old man running the night desk couldn't speak English at all. The only words he ever said to me (and I swear I am not lying) were, "Fat women are beautiful," and he said this both nights as I was leaving to go running. When I came back from running the second night, he tried to talk to me more and then tried to kiss me.

Seriously hated Bologna. No amount of money would ever make me go back there. If you ever get the urge to go, call me and I will talk you out of it. Promise.
The only real attraction in Bologna are these two towers, both of which are leaning almost to the point of being alarming. My conclusion, the Italians can't build towers. Perhaps that is why they aren't a seat of power anymore.


Moment said...

eww, nasty old men!
I will never go there. of course I don't think I'll ever go to Italy but hey, atleast I know were not to go.

Tangospeak said...

I had been to Bologna, a classmate of mine's mother lives there. I had a great time when I was in that city. I am sorry that your experience was so opposite of mine. Maybe if you knew someone from that city, you would have a better time.
I'll tell you what city I absolutely hated: Milano. God, I will never go back to that city again.

As for Italian men, that's part of the culture. If you ignore the ones who bother you, they will leave you alone. My sister couldn't handle all the attention from the Italian men, she ended up staying at home all the time because she couldn't deal with it. Fortunately, I had no problem with it at all. It's really about attitude, I think. I had been followed by a few men (there was this one tiny old man who kept following me saying "io papa, tua mama" - ew!). Just say Va fanculo!" really loudly and they will back off.

Tracie B. said...

angela! i had a great time in bologna was a beautiful, classy city and the food is PHENOMENAL. i did se one man masturbating, but i'm sure this isn't unique to bologna.
there were great museums, etc, etc.

so after someone calls you, tell them to call me so i can talk them back into going...