Monday, May 29, 2006

London, Baby

There wasn't much about London I didn't like. Unfortunately, I think I pretty much acted like a typical tourist. I took pictures of everything that looked "Londonish" including this phone booth. How cute is it? And I couldn't help trying to speak with a British accent or refrain from doing an Austin Powers or James Bond bit. I'd like to take this time to apologize to all those who might have overheard me.

I like experiencing "firsts" and watching a partial part of this cricket game was definitely a first for me. I have never seen one in person or on television. It looked like very clean baseball to me, though, so I wasn't very impressed for too long.

I was also pleasantly surprised with the different types of cuisine in London. I acknowledge, I was under the impression that English food was inedible, but I am happy to admit, I was wrong. There is every type of food imaginable in London. The picture to the left is of Seb, me, Seb and Rachael in a very lovely, very expensive French restaurant. For some odd reason both Rachael and I have our eyes closed.


Moment said...

I don't blame ya. I would have done the same thing.

Rachael said...

Come on Angela, what you are really trying to say is that London is the best!!!

Angela in Europe said...

I do love London! Maybe that will be my next home!

Lotus Reads said...

So true, Angela, dining in London is a fabulous experience. I think I've eaten my most favorite Indonesian meal in a restaurant in the Piccadilly Circus area - not even the food in Jakarta tasted that good! :)

Love the picture of the guys playing cricket - that is so quintessentially English!

Finally, that is a beautiful picture of you and your friends - would you really go live in London next? That city does cast its spell on one, doesn't it? :)

Julie said...

London looks like a fabulous place! Bet it would be a great place to live too.

Love the picture of the phone booth.

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