Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Rome's Coliseum

The Coliseum
with a background shot of the Forum.

I really liked Rome although it wasn't as clean at Florence. My cousin told me southern Italy is ghetto. Well, he was right. In Rome there is a lot of graffiti and dirty areas, but I loved in nonetheless. My favorite part was the Coliseum. I visited it the first day I arrived and I wish I had went back. It is really breathtaking! I am not really emotional, but I felt like crying when I saw it. How amazing that something like that has lasted all these years!

There are tons of "gladiators" around the Coliseum. You can have your picture taken with one for an obscene fee.

Fortunately, it only gets better. It costs a pretty penny to get in the Coliseum, but it is definitely worth it. Mind boggling, it is! Not only did they use to have gladiator games and public executions, but they also flooded the interior for mock navel battles. I will be the first to admit, I had no knowledge of this information until I read it on a plaque inside.

Interior of the Coliseum.


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Tracie B. said...

it had the same effect on my--quite impressionante...

so you think rome is the south? then maybe you better not venture down further...naples is dirty, but it's also gorgeous, full of life, and more messily italian than florence could ever be!

TheHamburger said...

That's awesome! Were any of those gladiator's you happened to see Russell Crowe? He hasn't put out a good movie since Million Dollar Man and I figure he's going to need some cash to pay for all the assault charges. Let me know.

Diamond Lil said...

Great shots!!!!

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Great pic!