Friday, May 26, 2006

Italian Recap

I am glad I went to Italy. I am even glad I went by myself. I think I got to see a lot more than if I had gone with a group, but it would have been nice to have some friends there with me. For future travelers, Milan is great for shopping and has a few nice churches and a nice castle; Florence is beautiful, breathtaking and fun, but stay away from the main museum (Uffizi Gallery), because it is a waste of time and money; Rome is great and has an unbelievable amount of historic treasures. Stay away from Bologna and Naples, but don't avoid the areas around Naples such as Capri or Pompeii.


Lotus Reads said...

Angela, this has been so enjoyable. I've really enjoyed travelling around Italy with you and I didn't even have to move a limb! ;)

When's your next trip? :)

Angela in Europe said...

Thanks! I hope to go to Ireland or Scotland this summer.

Susan in Italy said...

Every travel experience is personal and everyone has a right to his/her opinion. I have to say this in defense of the Uffizi gallery: that the first time I went to Florence it was 100F with no air conditioning anywhere and I hated it. The second time I spent all afternoon in the Uffizi marvelling at the huge number of renaissance and baroque masterpieces that I had learned about in art history classes. I was a greater experience even than I had imagined.